Blue granite

Blue Bahia Granite

Calacatta Gold Marble Backsplash

Calacatta Gold Marble

Black Absolute Granite Sink

Black Absolute Granite

Sink with Honed Statuary Marble

Honed Statuary Marble

Fireplace with Beumanier Limestone

Beumanier Limestone


At The Stone Workshop we’ll work closely with you to choose from the many natural materials available, such as marble and granite, as well as engineered stone options. We have hundreds of slabs at our location, ranging from classic marble treatments, such as white Carrera marble, to ultra luxurious surfaces made from gemstones. We can help you find highly functional and beautiful stone surfaces for each room in your home or business.


Our showroom carries an appealing array of marbles that we’ve hand-selected from Italian quarries, as well as those that we’ve sourced from other countries throughout the world. Our company specializes in marble surfaces that have an artistic sensibility with unusual colorations and veining. From Calacatta Gold premium marble, to the richness of dark Emperador marble, we have an outstanding selection, as well as the expertise to fabricate and finish marble with great precision.


Depending on the region where it formed, limestone ranges in colors from gray to deeper tones. Limestone can be finished to a high polish when the mineral dolomite is present, making it a wonderful material for counter tops and bath vanities.


This elegant marble comes in delicate, pastel tones. Onyx forms in caves as stalactites and stalagmites. It can be polished to a striking, glossy finish. It’s ideal for surfaces, such as furniture tops or a backsplash, that don’t require a high degree of heat-resistance.


Travertine is a variety of limestone, distinguished by the “holes” in its surface where carbon dioxide bubbles formed. Although not as stain-resistant as other materials, it translates beautifully into furniture surfaces.


This incredibly dense and hard natural stone creates sophisticated, durable surfaces. Heat and scratch-resistant, granite is also highly bacteria-resistant. Minerals appear as attractive flecks. Granite can achieve a high polish if desired. It is frequently used in kitchen counter tops and floors because it can stand up well to heavy usage.


Ultra-luxurious, quartzite surfaces are hand-constructed mosaics of natural gemstone material, such as rose, white and yellow quartz, and gray and brown agate. The lustrous allure of these surfaces emanates from the natural translucence of the semi-precious gemstones. These stones are highly resistant to heat, stains, and scratches and make excellent kitchen counter or bath vanity tops. (available by special order through The Stone Workshop).


A durable stone with heat-retention qualities, soapstone possesses talc, which gives it a soft, milky appearance. When soapstone has a higher level of talc content, it can be sculpted into shapes such as sink basins. Soapstone can also be used in kitchen tops and fireplaces.


A very popular engineered stone that’s available in 40 colors, CaesarStone is composed of 93% quartz. Considered four times stronger than natural stone, it provides a non-porous surface that is scratch, heat, chemical and chip resistant. CaesarStone owners find it a virtually maintenance-free option for kitchen and other surfaces.